Russia to get a second “Premiere”

Russia to get a second “Premiere” 9 July, 2020

Russian Government plans to build a second “flying radar” A-100 “Premier” for their Aerospace Forces according to Izvestia. A-100 Premier is a Long Range Radar Detection Aircraft (AWACS). Russian sources claim that it will be almost impossible to “drown” the board by electronic warfare.

The aircraft will be on the program until 2024. Serial production of aircraft should begin and their predecessors, the A-50 and the upgraded A-50U should be replaced.

A-100 “Premier” transmits the data to the headquarters without a voice, all is automatic. The aircraft will feature a new dual-band radar with a phased antenna array, through which better found remote stealth purposes.

Now VKS use two types of AWACS aircraft. About two dozen A-50s were inherited from the USSR. In recent years, six of them have undergone modernization to the A-50U level. They received advanced radar and command centre equipment.

According to the military, with the help of its radar, the Premier will be able to detect not only air but also sea and ground targets. The officers and specialists on board will be able to direct the air force of the airborne forces and navy and high-precision weapons of destruction on the enemy.

The main advantage of the A-100 was the new dual-band radar with a phased array antenna. It not only has an increased detection range, but it is also able to better distinguish between targets, including “invisible” planes for conventional radars and cruise missiles created using stealth technologies.

The only new A-100 built today took off on November 18, 2017. In February 2019, tests of all equipment in the complex began on it. Currently, specialists of the development companies are engaged in the refinement of the equipment.

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