Russia to Receive First Serial-Produced “Felon” before 2020 9 November, 2019

The Russian Air Force is expected to receive the first serial-produced Su-57 fighter aircraft by the end of 2019. Deputy Defence Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, told that The Su-57 is “almost ready” to be handed over to the air force on November 8 by news agency RIA Novosti. Su-57 is recently named the “Felon” by NATO.

The service was expected to take delivery of two Su-57s in 2019 and two more in 2020.

The Russian government announced in late July that production of the Su-57 has officially begun without offering details. Su-57s engine, the Saturn Izdeliye 30 is considered the main reason for delay.

In May 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the air force would receive 76 Su-57s by 2028.

India withdrew in 2018 from the co-development and production of the Su-57.

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