Russian Borders to be guarded by Artificial Intelligence June 30, 2016

The Russian border in the Far East and the South will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system which will be able to automatically collect and analyse information on any violations, according to the press service of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (OPK).

The press statement said, “At present, the intelligent decision support system is passing test operations in the Chelyabinsk region on the border with Kazakhstan and preparing for the preliminary tests in the Far East and South of Russia.”

The artificial intelligence system will automatically interact with video cameras, infrared and seismic sensors, radars and drones, observing any types of violations. In addition, the built-in artificial intelligence will be able to predict situations, producing ready-made proposals for the border protection.


The machines will be able to decide for themselves all sorts of peaceful and military tasks by distributing roles within the group, choosing leaders and replacing the faulty ones.



Issue 82