Russian Navy to Track Black Sea with Ka-31P

Russian Navy to Track Black Sea with Ka-31P 15 March, 2020

Rich hydrocarbon deposits make the Eastern Mediterranean more valuable than ever since. Russia also reacts to the increasing movements in the ancient sea, and continues to provide new systems to the Black Sea Fleet, which responsible for the region.

The Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet began to receive Ka-31P airborne early warning and control helicopters. The platforms assigned within the 318th Independent Composite Air Regiment and deployed in Crimea. Thanks to its powerful radar, the helicopter, which can detect low-flying guided projectiles as well as surface elements, does not only offer observation ability. Also capable of providing radar illumination for long-range guided anti-ship missiles, the Ka-31P features the L band E-801M Oko radar. The system, which can detect fighter-sized targets from 100 to 150 km, and ship sized ones at 250 km, allows tracking of 40 different targets at the same time.

Ka-31P helicopters has a maximum take-off weight of 12,500 kg can reach a maximum speed of 220 km / h and a range of 700 km.

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