Russian Nuclear Sub Tests US Borders

Russian Nuclear Sub Tests US Borders 19 March, 2018

It was announced that a Russian submarine performed a military exercise near a US Naval base. No information was given about the location and timing of the classified drill.

According to the statement of a Russian commander who spoke to the Russian Defense Ministry's official television Zvezda (Star), the Russian nuclear-powered submarine carried out a military exercise near a US naval base.

The submarine fleet Commander Sergey Starshinov, speaking on a program about the Project 971 Shchuka-B class (NATO reporting name: Akula) nuclear-powered submarines of Russia, announced the trial. Starshinov said, "After the mission was completed, the submarines surfaced at a determined point and returned to the base."

On whether or not the submarines have been identified, Starshinov said, "This is our goal; to come and go unnoticed." The officer noted that they approached the US coasts but remained in the international waters, without crossing US borders.

The Akula class submarines, designed by Soviet engineers during the Cold War by studying whales and sharks, are known for their low acoustic signatures and their ability to descend 600 meters deep.

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