Russia Develops Radar to Detect Hypersonic Targets

Russia Develops Radar to Detect Hypersonic Targets 4 July, 2020

Russian State-run news agency TASS announced that a new radar to detect hypersonic targets at long ranges is on the way. The radar will be established at Nioby.

Russia’s Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Colonel General Sergei Surovikin spoke to the Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda Newspaper. “The radar system’s technical characteristics will surpass the capabilities of the operational Nebo-M radar by the range of detecting various types of aircraft, including hypersonic targets,” General said.

Over the past five years, prefabricated radar stations of the missile attack early warning system have gone on combat duty in the cities of Orsk, Barnaul and Yeniseisk along with the Pritsel space control optical sighting system, the Peresvet special-purpose laser system and the first Container-3M over-the-horizon radar, he said.

The over-the-horizon radar that has gone on combat duty in the Republic of Mordovia in the Volga area has ensured airspace control over the entire territory of Europe and the Middle East, which has considerably extended the time of making decisions on measures of response, the General said.

“Also, the deployment of radio-technical troops on Arctic islands and archipelagos has made it possible to extend the radar field in Arctic latitudes,” he said

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