Cruiser Step Came From Russia

Cruiser Step Came From Russia 26 February, 2020

Although it is one of the most magnificent platforms of the Cold War, Project 1164 Atlant or its known name Slava Class cruisers, which experienced problems on construction and sustainment, will e modernised.

RFNS Moskva (121), who is currently based in the Russian Black Sea Fleet, will be modernised. During the upgrade program, life cycle of ship, which is a floating fortress of the Russian Navy in terms of weapons and electronic equipment, will be extended by 10 years. Modernization activities will be carried out in 13th Shipyard located in Sevastopol. It is planned to complete the works on the main propulsion system, gas turbine engines, fuel supply mechanisms. Ship is expected to return to duty in a short time.

Cruiser Step Came From Russia

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