Russia Prepares Higher and Heavier Jump for Paratroopers

Russia Prepares Higher and Heavier Jump for Paratroopers 22 February, 2019

Russia prepares new special-purpose parachute systems with oxygen equipment for Airborne Force high-altitude jumps. Airborne Force Commander Andrei Serdyukov made public information about oxygen gear.

"As part of the experimental design work that has been carried out, new special-purpose ‘wing-type’ parachutes with oxygen gear have been developed for landing from high altitudes," the general said.

Since 2018, Russia has also been developing a parachute system to land soldiers with their organic arms and ammunition. Work is also underway to upgrade the D-10 parachute system and a reserve parachute for landing servicemen clad in the Ratnik combat outfit, the general said.

In addition, work is underway to develop a standardized multi-purpose platform for the Airborne Force to land hardware and cargoes weighing more than 15 tonnes, he said.

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