Russia In Warm Waters

Russia In Warm Waters August 11, 2019

"Warm Water Policy" policy, which is one of the common goals adopted by Russian Tsardom, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and finally the Russian Federation since Tsar Petro I, was achieved. As part of the improvement and development of the Syrian economy, an agreement was signed between Damascus and Moscow administrations last April. According to this agreement, the operating activities of Tartus Port were transferred to Russian company Stroytransgaz for 49 years with wide rights. Following the approvement of the agreement in June, first satellite image of the port which announced the company would invest $ 500 million was released. Extensive changes have been made to the Russian Naval Base at the port. The Russian Navy added a facility with maintenance and repair capability to its units in the port. The port complex, which will also provide logistical support to Russian military ships operating in the Mediterranean, is expected to increase significantly the presence of the Russian Navy in the region.

Russia In Warm Waters

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