Russia Deployed S-400 to Serbia

Russia Deployed S-400 to Serbia 28 October, 2019

Russian Ministry of Defence announced that Russian Army S-400 and Pantsir-S air-defence systems are deployed to Serbia, to took part in the bilateral Slavic Shield 2019 air-defence exercises.

As part of the exercise, the Russian S-400 division and the Pantsir-S battery will be deployed on the territory of a Serbian air base and will be part of the joint Russian-Serbian mixed group of air defence forces.

Russian-Serbian air defence exercise "Slavic shield-2019" is held for the first time.

Earlier this year when NATO member Turkey purchased Russian missiles rather than opting for the U.S.-made Patriot system.

In response, Washington bumped Turkey from participation in the F-35 stealth fighter project, saying the S-400 could be used by Russia to collect information on how to defeat the jet. Turkey had ordered 100 F-35s.

The S-400’s Triumf missiles have a reported range of up to about 250 miles.

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