Russia's New Military Equipment Approved

Russia's New Military Equipment Approved 1 October, 2020

The Russian Defence Ministry held a commission meeting on technologies developed for security forces. Equipment prototypes based on advanced technology and innovative research have passed the approval of the relevant military authorities.

 Within the scope of the Commission:

An easy-to-erect bunker designed to station and camouflage military equipment and personnel was introduced at temporary locations. Not only does it protect military equipment from climate factors, but the bunker also leaves a low mark on satellite, radar and thermal cameras.

Russia's processor "Elbrus-4C"-based protected computer developed by Russia with local resources for the equipping of land, sea and air platforms was among the new studies announced by the commission.

The non-airport-based drone, capable of vertical take-off and landing from a helicopter-sized platform and capable of flying in Siberian and Far Eastern weather conditions, has also been submitted to the commission.

Two different types of target robots built for personnel firing training and automated routing systems, a disinfectant robot that can disinfect designated areas, the air-independent power plant based on the hydrogen-oxygen battery was among the systems introduced to the commission.

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