Saab Delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary

Saab Delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary 10 December, 2019

Swedish Saab has announced that it has delivered the DAM (Deployable Aircraft Maintenance ) facility mobile fighter support unit to the Hungarian Air Force. The DAM Collection is a complete fighter aircraft support solution that can be deployed quickly to any terrain with minimal ground-level preparation. The delivery stems from a contract signed between Saab and the Hungarian Ministry of Defence in December 2018. DAM provides capability equivalent to stationary maintenance infrastructure. The official handover took place at a delivery ceremony at Pápa on 5 December.

In addition to a support unit, the DAM Collection, which incorporates modern cover and concealment systems, also operates as a mobile fighter aircraft, in the context of air force dispersal, to avoid a sudden, disastrous first strike. Recall that the Hungarian Air Force has 14 JAS-39C / D Gripen fighter aircraft in service under Swedish lease.

The Hungarian Air Force is currently operating 14 Gripen C/D fighter aircraft on a lease-purchase agreement with the Swedish government. DAM will provide an increased level of flexibility and reduce their dependency on stationary infrastructure for maintenance and protection of their Gripen fleet.

A DAM solution can be rapidly deployed to enable sustainment of self-sufficient operations for extended periods, in any location, regardless of domestic or overseas

Saab Delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary

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