Saab reveals Gripen E 18 May, 2016

Defence and security company, Saab, unveils the first test aircraft of the next generation, Gripen E.

The unveiling of the first Gripen E test aircraft  takes place at at Saab’s facilities in Linköping. On stage, Major General Mats Helgesson - Swedish Air Force Chief of Staff; Tenente Brigadeiro-do-Ar, Nivaldo Luiz Rossato - Chief of Brazilian Air Force, Ulf Nilsson - head of Saab Aeronautics; Daniela Ivanic - systems engineer Saab Aeronautics and Matti Olsson - head of production strategy Saab Aeronautics and others will share their views on Gripen E.

Gripen E is an enhanced version of the Gripen Jas 39 C/D multi-role aircraft.The new fighter aircraft, whose initial delivery is scheduled for 2018, will replace the Swiss Air Force's fleet of Northrop F-5E/F Tiger. The Gripen E has an overall length of 15.2m, wingspan of 8.6m, and maximum takeoff weight of 16,500kg. The maximum speed of the aircraft is Mach 2 at high altitude, whereas the speed at low altitude is 1,400km/h.  The Gripen E features a digital cockpit with three large multi-functional displays (MFD) including a few 3D screens. The cockpit also features a hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) which provides superior situational awareness for the pilot. 

The air-to-air missiles on the Gripen E include infrared-guided short range IRIS-T missile, and the Meteor missile, which is a beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM). The aircraft also has the flexibility to be fitted with Sidewinder and A-Darter missiles to replace the IRIS-T, and the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) missile to replace the Meteor. It can further be fitted with long range weapons such as R-Darter and Derby, and short range weapons such as ASRAAM and Python.

The Gripen E can also be integrated with a number of air-to-surface weapons including Mk82, Mk83 and Mk84 free fall bombs, GBU-12, GBU-16 and GBU-10 laser-guided bombs, and advanced bombs such as GBU-49 and GBU-39. Air-to-surface missiles such as RBS15F ER, TAURUS KEPD 350, AGM-65 Maverick, and MBDA's dual-mode Brimstone (DMB).

The aircraft features a 27mm all-purpose Mauser BK27 high velocity gun providing both air-to-air and air-to-surface attack capability. It is also equipped with a missile approach warning (MAW) system and is capable of carrying more chaff packets and flares compared to similar aircraft, enhancing its survivability.

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