SAR-9 to Turkish Police

SAR-9 to Turkish Police 21 June, 2018

Turkish National Police (EGM) will distribute SAR-9 to the new term police candidates. According to the information acquired by C4Defence; delivery of the 9 mm semi-automatic SAR-9 is completed and will be distributed to the police candidates as a standard service pistol, who will complete their training in the term.

Turkish arms manufacturer Sarsılmaz has been awarded a 110 thousand-weapon contract for its handgun developed under "Original Indigenous Gun Project' with a piston based on SAR-9

The SAR-9 is a SA mechanism polymer body gun, can fire 9x19 millimeter Parabellum ammunition. The empty weight of the weapon with 15 + 1 capacity, 770 grams. The gun, which offers a changeable grip option for ergonomics in three different sizes, has a barrel of 113 millimeters.

SAR-9 to Turkish Police

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