Sarp Is Safer

Sarp Is Safer 2 May, 2019

ASELSAN's Sarp remote controlled weapon system (UKSS), will provide higher safety to the personnel. The new model, called Sarp Zafer, is on display at IDEF'19.

Sarp can be integrated into many vehicles ranging from tactical wheeled armoured vehicles to heavier platforms. It has a widespread use within the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish law enforcement units. Its new model is displayed on ASELSAN stand. The device is equipped with a sniper detection system and a mechanism that allows personnel to load ammunition from inside the vehicle. Sarp Zafer can be fitted with different guns ranging from 7.62 mm machine gun to 40 mm grenade launcher. A manual mechanism allows ammunition box to be taken inside the vehicle, enabling the user to reload under armour protection. Thanks to the sniper detection system, the system can automatically detect and direct shots directed to itself. It can transfer the estimated coordinates of the target to the user on the interface and can be directed to the target area automatically. In order to avoid the need for re-orientation training for the system and to avoid problems in the spare parts, the same sub-components and user interface as Sarp were used in Sarp Zafer.

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