Sarsılmaz Ranked First in the Handgun Race

Sarsılmaz Ranked First in the Handgun Race 17 January, 2018

Turkish arms manufacturer Sarsılmaz has been awarded a 110 thousand-weapon contract for its handgun developed under "Original Indigenous Gun Project'. According to the statement made by the company on its official Instagram page, the company successfully completed the test-firings cunducted under national handgun project. 

Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries (SSM) will be the one to decide the name of the weapon. 

The new handguns will be delivered to Turkish Land and Air Forces as well as Coast Guard Command and Turkish National Police (EGM), one-sixth of the 110 thousand-gun order is assigned for law enforcement forces.

On the other hand, SSM issued another and independent tender to purchase 40 thousand handguns for EGM. Along with Sarsılmaz, Samsun Yurt Savunma and TISAS also compete in both tenders. Reportedly, during the tender, test-firings will be conducted with the handguns and the process is almost completed.

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