Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready

Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready 10 January, 2018

First prototype of Sarsılmaz’s MPT-76’s which is Turkey's National Rifle first prototype is appeared. With the appointment of the Defense Industry Executive Board, Sarsılmaz was working rifle production Sarsılmaz undertook the production of 10 thousand rifles. It was learned that Sarsılmaz produced a prototype and continued to work. The prototype of the rifle was the first to appear in the Sarsılmaz calendar, which was distributed for 2018. Machinery and Chemical Industry Agency (MKEK), which started its earlier task of producing rifles, plans to complete deliveries in April 2018. The Kale Group shared information about which produced about 500 rifles.

Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready

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