Sub Compact Version for SAR9 Pistol

Sub Compact Version for SAR9 Pistol 14 July, 2020

The pistols classified as Sub Compact are the key solution for the hidden carrying requirement thanks to their low weight and small dimensions.

One of the leading firearms manufacturer Sarılmaz continues to studies to expand its product range. The company gave the good news of the Sub Compact model developed on the SAR9 pistol family to C4Defence for the first time.

The new model, called the SAR9 SC, fires 9x19 mm Parabellum rounds like its family. The gun, whose total length is 165 mm and the height is 122 mm, is only 27 mm wide. The SAR9 SC, which is announced to equipped with an 85 mm long barrel, has a three-point tritium iron sight that also allows for night use. The weapon operates with a semi-automatic mechanism with equipment that increases personnel safety, such as firing pin safety, trigger safety and fall safety. The empty weight of the SAR9 SC, which can be used with 12 + 1 capacity, is only 500 grams.

Sub Compact Version for SAR9 Pistol

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