Modernised Tomahawk

Modernised Tomahawk 2 April, 2020

Increasing tension around the world leads countries to increase their systems in terms of quality and quantity.

The US continues to sharpen the war axes. Under the $ 493 million deal signed with Raytheon, Tomahawk (Battle Axe) Block IV missiles will be modernized and upgraded to Block V. In this context, new generation navigation systems and data link equipment will be integrated into the projectiles. The status of the Tomahawks to be recertified will also be monitored and systems that are not available for use will become operational.

In addition, an agreement was signed with the company at a cost of 147.8 million USD. With the contract, Raytheon will produce 90 Tomahawk Block V under Lot 16. Tomahawks, which were used more than 2,300 times in combat conditions and proved their effectiveness many times, were last used in the mission to hit critical points in Syria in 2018.

Modernised Tomahawk

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