Will Production Stop in the Sector Due to Virus in Defence?

Will Production Stop in the Sector Due to Virus in Defence? 19 March, 2020

The economic balance that will emerge after the coronavirus remains uncertain. The defence industry is among the sectors that the virus can affect. Following the announcement of a pandemic, the US-based news site Defense News wrote the policies followed by the firms in the defence sector, despite the governments' warnings of "don't leave your home".

BAE Systems, which produces aviation-based production, has regularly improved its business plans according to the developments in the virus; while minimizing the impact of this situation on operations, the company explained that they provide a safe working environment for their employees, customers and suppliers.

Struggling with the difficulties experienced on their platforms lately, Boeing said that some of its staff employed it from home. The company stated that production is continuing for now.

Fincantieri encouraged its staff to work from home when necessary, and that there has been no delay in production until now. It was underlined that the company is in the fight against the virus together with customers who have both military and commercial importance.

General Dynamics Land Systems continued to work to provide the critical platforms and capabilities soldiers need to complete their missions. The firm stated that they have taken the measures announced by the White House for the virus.

Lockheed Martin announced that they are progressing as flexible as possible. The company is currently not having an operational problem.

Stating that he offers options such as social distance protocol and working from home, Raytheon actively follows the coronavirus pandemic.

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