New Product From Anova For New Local Defence Products

New Product From Anova For New Local Defence Products 21 April, 2020

Another product that ASELSAN wants to be locally produced was added to local production ring. The “28V DC Axial Fan” that was requested by ASELSAN' to be produced locally is on the shelve.

Anova R&D has localised for the fan used in military systems, and that was imported from abroad.

Since there are few companies developing fans that comply with the military standard in the world, the product had to be supplied by import. Fans that could not be provided as ready-made products from the shelf had to be designed in accordance with military project requirements.

It provides sufficient cooling and more efficient operation of cabinets, components and similar units in military platforms where the fan is attached.

With the fans designed following military standards by Anova R&D Inc., the prices paid by the defence and aerospace industry companies abroad will remain in the country, and a product family will be created that will contribute to the domestic companies to reach the product they need faster.

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