Serbia Received Four Mig-29 Aircraft from Belarus

Serbia Received Four Mig-29 Aircraft from Belarus 26 February, 2019

Serbia has received four more MiG-29 fighter jets from Belarus, bringing its fleet to a total of 14, Serbia’s Ministry of Defence Aleksandar Vulin said in a Monday, February 25 release.

Speaking at ceremony, Vulin said, "We can freely say that we now have 14 MiG-29, which is a number that we could not dream of in 2012.”

The Mikoyan MiG-29 (NATO reporting name Fulcrum) is a Russian-designed twin-engine fighter jet aircraft which entered service with the Soviet Union in 1982. It was originally intended as an air superiority fighter, but has also been developed into a multi-role aircraft.

Mig-29s are to be overhauled and modernized in Belarus, a process which began on February 22.

Serbia received four MiG-29s from Belarus in April 2018, and six from Russia in October 2017.

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