Silent Mortar in Use

Silent Mortar in Use 12 May, 2020

Ukraine, continues fight against Russian-supported separatist movements, which caused civil war in the eastern part of the country is the scene of the use of extraordinary weapons.

In an image published on social media, separatist militias were use a mortar system described as "silent". It was seen that the 82 mm mortar used in the images that were recorded in the Donbas region had a silencer / suppressor-like component in the muzzle. It was stated that the equipment did not suppress the sound of the shot at an estimated level, but prevented the opponent from hearing the first salvo in close-range firing in the comments. This increases the surprise effect of the attacks and significantly increases target losses.

Thanks to its integrated structure to the barrel, the component allows the use of all kind of ammunition without any preparation.

Silent Mortar in Use

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