Seoul's Space Rockets to Monitor North Korea

Seoul's Space Rockets to Monitor North Korea 28 July, 2020

The Republic of Korea will be able to develop a solid-fuel space rocket, according to a new revision with the United States.

In addition to increasing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, Korea opened the door to space rocket production to the private sector and institutes.

Therefore, South Korean companies, research institutes and even individuals are technically capable of "developing, producing and possessing" various types of space rockets, based on not only liquid fuels but also solid and hybrid ones, with no restrictions, he added.

It would greatly advance the military's ISR capabilities by enabling it to launch low-earth orbit spy satellites, flying at the altitude of 500-2,000 kilometres, anytime and anywhere, Kim said.

Kim Hyun-chong added that the entire Korean Peninsula would be under the around-the-clock watch of Korea's military, called an "unblinking eye".

The United States and the Republic of Korea signed an agreement in 1979 to develop ballistic missiles, including cruise missiles and space rockets. Under this agreement, Seoul's ballistic missile development has been limited to a range of up to 180 km. With the third revision in 2017, this limit was increased to a range of 800 km.

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