Shelter for Submarines

Shelter for Submarines 12 November, 2019

Russia will build an armoured shelter for submarines. The shades designed for Borey class Project 995, Yasen class project 885 and Lada class electric submarines will protect the platforms from missiles and nuclear weapons. The construction of bunker will begin this year in Vilyuchinsk base of the Pacific fleet in Kamchatka, sources in the Defence Ministry said. In 2020, the installation will start in Northern fleet deployment bases near Severomorsk. The shelter will protect submarines from natural calamities. In Soviet years, the stations were built to provide proper shade to submarines. For example, an overhaul plant for submarines was built inside a mountain in Balaklava for the Black Sea fleet. Such facilities reliably protect from air raids, increase survivability and combat readiness of warships and submarines.” Former Russian Submarine Commander Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov said.

Shelter for Submarines

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