Cyber Warfare Put Under The Scope

Cyber Warfare Put Under The Scope 27 November, 2017

Speaking at the International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel with the main theme of "Development and Clustering of the Cyber Security Ecosystem", Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mustafa Şeker announced that they wanted to create an export-oriented cluster focused on technology and innovation.

Şeker said, "The widespread use of cyberspace has led to different wars in place of classical wars, and in classical war our work was easy, we were able to classify threats very comfortably, but the cyber world is not like that." Pointing out 2023 as the target date, Şeker added, "We are dreaming of a structure covering 150 companies, perhaps reaching $1 billion in turnover." 

Emphasizing the importance of such issues as effective use of resources and support for entrepreneurs, Deputy Undersecretary expressed that the conference would provide a clear roadmap.

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