Significant Work Share for ASELSAN in ALTAY

Significant Work Share for ASELSAN in ALTAY 1 May, 2019

The total cost of the ASELSAN deliveries within the scope of the Serial Production Project of ALTAY Main Battle Tank was EUR 840,986,250. In the light of experience obtained from the ALTAY Project, ASELSAN became the only company capable of integrating all of its mission equipment and software for the main battle tanks on domestic and national platforms.

The contract was signed at IDEF for ASELSAN to provide systems for ALTAY Tanks. The ceremony where BMC met with other subcontractors took place at the company's stand. It was attended by the President of Defence Industries Dr. İsmail Demir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMC Ethem Sancak, Chairman and General Manager of ASELSAN Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün and executives of other main subcontractors participated.
Tested in Altay and other tanks, ASELSAN systems entered over 10,000 km of off-road driving tests in all kinds of challenging conditions a tank might encounter with over 2,000 shots.
ASELSAN Systems to be included in ALTAY Tanks:

* Tank Fire Control System
* Tank Command Control Communication and Information System
* Remotely Controlled Weapon System
* AKKOR Active Protection System
* Tank Driver Vision System
* Tank Laser Warning System
* Combat Recognition Identification System
* Close Distance Surveillance System

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