New Dimension in Armament

New Dimension in Armament 19 August, 2020

Some of the Iron Curtain Countries of the Cold War era now NATO allies. Relatively new members of the pact are continuing their armament efforts at full speed in line with the new standards.

Hungary signed an important main battle tank acquisition contract with Germany last year. In this context, the first Leopard 2A4s were delivered to Hungary in the past weeks. Wanting to take its investments in the field of defence one step further, Budapest turned to licensed production. KF41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles to be procured by the country under the agreement signed with Rheinmetall on 17 August will be produced in Hungary. The first NATO member country to choose the company's platform; It will also establish a joint venture in the country for a new breakthrough. Hungarian officials underlined that the new initiative will make significant contributions to the country's industry and defence infrastructure and will also constitute the basis for new steps to be taken in the future.

The Lynx IFV family, developed by Rheinmetall Defence, consists of two platforms, KF31 and KF41. The vehicles are classified as 30-40 tons and 40+ tons. The platforms offer the user different transportation, protection and firepower options. The KF41 can carry a two-man turret and eight personnel, while the KF31 can carry out six soldiers on the battlefield. Platforms offer a wide range of solutions thanks to their modular architecture.

New Dimension in Armament

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