Simulators for Atak

Simulators for Atak 25 June, 2019

The ATAK Helicopter Full Mission Simulator, which will be used to train pilots who will fly T129 Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, was developed by Turkish Air Defence and Software Company HAVELSAN within the scope of a project by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). The Simulator has been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces Command.

Because the pilot and weapon system officer is positioned tandem in the attack helicopter, the requirements of these two missions cannot be performed at the desired level in the same simulator. Therefore, two separate simulators are produced in sets.

The simulators are designed to contribute to adaptation, activation, emergency, shooting, combat preparation and maintenance training of the pilots while reducing the risk and cost of the simulator, providing a safe environment and different weather conditions. Also, The Full Mission Simulator will provide all kinds of flight training as well as weapon systems and firing training and the simulators will be able to work together with the S70 Blackhawk and AS532 Cougar helicopter simulators delivered by the HAVELSAN to the Land Forces Command within the scope of the HELSİM Project.

Issue 86