New UAV Support to the Border 19 July, 2019


The Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces has deployed three home-made Mohajer-6 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Where the platforms are deployed is not explained but the military released photographs showing at least one Mohajer-6 deployed to an unidentified airfield that was said to be in northeast Iran, 170 km from the Afghanistan border.

 The aircraft would be used to identify and destroy threats to the country's borders. Mohajer 6 is armed with a guided weapon system and has a wingspan with high precision. The UAV integrates various geographic locations for easy operation. The Mohajer-6 is the first of the Mohajer series to have wheeled undercarriage and the UAV started mass production in 2018.

The newest generation of UAVs Mohajer can fly at a distance of up to 2000 kilometres, has a flight time of 24 hours and is equipped with two smart bombs with high accuracy “Qaem”.

The Qaem bomb has two versions with thermal and optical detectors with a working range of 6 km and a warhead weighing 1.7 kilograms.

New UAV Support to the Border

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