ALAS Demonstration by Serbia

ALAS Demonstration by Serbia 5 May, 2017

Serbia has demonstrated its ALAS (Advanced Light Attack System) long-range multipurpose fibre-optic guided missile system during a rehearsal for the upcoming Victory Day celebrations.

ALAS is a 55 kg, turbojet powered, camera-guided missile with a top speed of around 640-740 kmh.

The main ceremony, titled "Steel 2017", will be held with special emphasis on the stage of development of arms and military equipment by the Military Technical Institute and Serbian state-owned defence company Yugoimport SDPR. Multi-purpose armored vehicles Miloš, Lazarus,  multiple rocket launcher system Morava and self-propelled howitzer Nora as well as universal mobile artillery computer station UPARS and ALAS advanced light attack missile system will be present at the ceremony, which is to be displayed to the public for the first time.

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