Serbia Continues Arming

Serbia Continues Arming 20 January, 2020

Serbia, which has improved its air power in cooperation with Russia, has taken new action for air defence systems. Belgrade announced the new acquisition agreement in this context.

Serbia, which examined the Pantsir air defense systems during the Slavic Shield-2019 Air Defence Exercise, which was held in Serbia jointly with Russia last October, announced the procurement of the mentioned system from Russia. During the exercise, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić firstly announced that he would inspect the systems on field and then make the final decision. While the content of the agreement was not explained in detail, it was stated that the Serbian Army would receive 1 battery Pantsir-S1. It is also among the information that one battery system consisting of approximately six Pantsir-S1 and auxiliary platforms will be delivered in 2020.

Pantsir-S1s, which are mounted on 8x8 trucks, can be effective at 12 thousand meters maximum range. With two 2A38M 30mm guns against closer targets, the platforms can perform air defence missions independently thanks to their radar and electronics.

Serbia Continues Arming

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