Skyfire Power to Fennec AvEx

Skyfire Power to Fennec AvEx 18 December, 2018

 Brazilian Army has completed the qualification of the weapon system developed for the H125M Fennec AvEx helicopter.   Qualification tests were completed with the support of local companies Avibras Indústria Aerospecial and Helibras. The Skyfire 70 70 mm rocket system was integrated into the H125M Fennec helicopters during the qualification process, which was completed with launch tests. The experience was completed under the coordination of the Air Aviation Command (CAvEx) Flight Test Group (GEA) at the Army Development Center (CAEx) in Rio de Janeiro.   Skyfire is a 70mm rocket system and it has a M9 series rocket engine. The systems equipped with a high explosive warhead, weighs 11.28 kilograms and have an effective range of 4 thousand 700 meters. Parallel to the qualification, Helibras has developed a new gun carriage station for the Av-LM 70/19-SF rocket launcher system, which has been qualified.  

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