New Record by SM-6

New Record by SM-6 4 October, 2016

The US Navy announced on 29 September that it has successfully completed the longest range anti-air warfare intercept which took place at the Point Mugu test range in California, on September 22. The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton, equipped with the latest Aegis Baseline 9, successfully processed data from a remote airborne sensor to engage and destroy an over-the-horizon threat representative target using the Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) during the Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFC-CA) test. Reportedly, SM-6 broke another distance record although the length of the intercept was not specified. SM-6 provides U.S. Navy ships with extended-range protection against fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and anti-ship cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in the terminal phase of flight. The active radar and extended range of the SM-6 allow it to track and destroy over the horizon targets which are out of sight of operators on deck.

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