Last Block 2 Delivered

Last Block 2 Delivered 26 April, 2020

Boeing, one of the largest manufacturers in the United States, has announced the completion of an important phase in the F/A-18 Super Hornet program.

According to the company statement, the last F/A-18 Super Hornet Block 2 was delivered to the US Navy on April 17. A total of 608 platforms were delivered in Block 2 phase. It was stated that some of which were upgraded to Block 2 within the scope of production and the other part is new manufacture, 322 of aircraft that were delivered in the package consisting of platforms were single-seater F / A-18E while 286 of them were twin-seat F/A-18F. Thus, the Block 2 process, which started in 2005, was completed.

Boeing has announced that it will focus on Blok 3 Super Hornets in the next period and that the first Blok 3 will be delivered to the Navy for testing activities within the next 2 months.

Last Block 2 Delivered

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