Final Supply Completed

Final Supply Completed 27 June, 2019


The final unit of RQ-21A Blackjack, replaces the RQ-7B Shadow, was delivered by the US Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS Program Office (PMA-263) at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina. RQ-21A Blackjack increased capability will include work on command and control, communication systems, avionics, optics, laser designation, and payloads. Blackjack remains a critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability that’s relevant for the fighter. RQ-21A Blackjack UAS was developed by Boeing in collaboration with the US Navy to meet requirements for a small tactical UAS can be used to support tactical missions on land and at sea. With a flight endurance of up to 16 hours and an altitude ceiling of 6,500 m RQ-21A can carry loads up to 18 kg.

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