Burak-M Measure for Sonobuoy Net

Burak-M Measure for Sonobuoy Net 17 March, 2020

NATO and its allies, especially the USA, have stepped up their efforts to increase the measures taken against Russian submarine power. On the other hand, Russia is aimed to preserve the power of this weapon, whose greatest feature is stealthiness.

According to the report of the Russian Izvestia, the Russian navy started the tests of Burak-M, which will make the submarines invisible. Burak-M is an electronic warfare system, stands out with its simple structure. Launched from the countermeasure dispensers of the underwater platforms, the hardware runs on the water surface and starts jamming. Burak-M, which suppresses all communication channels of sonoboys, intercepts sonobuoy-aircraft communication against listening underwater through these systems.

Sonoboys, which are a kind of sonar system, are laid by being thrown from planes or helicopters. Systems that work alone or collectively as a line in the preset parameters are vital for monitoring submarine traffic especially in large areas.

Burak-M Measure for Sonobuoy Net

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