SSM to Commence 'Stabilized UAV' Era

SSM to Commence 'Stabilized UAV' Era 2 April, 2017

Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) is going to issue a tender for a new RTA system for use in reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and communication relay duties. This time, SSM will supply cable-guided aerostat system.

It is planned that the Turkish Armed Forces will gain additional command, control, discovery, surveillance and intelligence capabilities and gain the ability to create a line of sight for radio and similar transactions with the tender for which foreign companies are not allowed to participate.

Some countries such as USA, UK and Germany currently use these systems. The aerostat is connected to ground with a security system, which also provides power and communication to the aerostat. Filled with helium gas, the aerostat is placed at an altitude of four to 10 kilometers depending on the systems. The gas used in these aerostats is not flammable, and a bullet hole does not cause the aerostat to fall. As the gas in the aerostat isn't under pressure, the gas output would be at its lowest level incase of any tear.

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