Sterling 5,56x45 Armour Piercing Round Announced

Sterling 5,56x45 Armour Piercing Round Announced 6 May, 2020

Fatih Altunbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turaç, which operates in the ammunition production area and also has the Sterling brand, has been a guest of live broadcast on the official Instagram account of C4Defence. Altunbaş made statements about the company's 5,56x45 mm ammunition studies.

The company has started to manufacture high pressure and dispersible round cartridges of 5.56x45 caliber, considering the warzone that slides into the urban area, and the ammunition, which is currently on the agenda, provides safe use for friendly elements in closed areas. While it has been stated that the Turkish Armed Forces and the Police Department has increased the demand for armour-piercing ammunition, Turaç's good news that the armour-piercing ammunition production began and deliveries continues.

You can reach the whole broadcast later on our C4Defence TV Youtube channel.

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Sterling 5,56x45 Armour Piercing Round Announced

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