Stinger Again

Stinger Again 18 January, 2018

The US Army shelved FIM-92 Stinger 15 years ago. And now, Stinger is back in the Army use.

Stinger is a system that has been used since the '70s. US and NATO troops in Europe have seen gap in short range anti air defence systems and portable air defense weapons. After all, US Army decided to bring Stinger back to use. According to the statement made by the authorities, the maneuvering units are training on Stinger and these MANPADS will be distributed to the troops.

The changes in the Russian Army after the Russian-Ukrainian tensions were considered to be influential in Stinger's decision, and the danger created by unmanned aerial vehicles was also reported as another reason.

The US Army forces are trying to get the 62 Stinger team ready at first in Europe as soon as possible in order to close the specified gap. The main objective is bringing an short range air defense battalion to every division when the program is completed.

Stinger Again

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