STM, Launched ThinkTech: The First Tech-based Idea Center of Turkey

STM, Launched ThinkTech: The First Tech-based Idea Center of Turkey 23 November, 2017

Turkish Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) launched the first idea center in Turkey with its ThinkTech brand. Commenced by STM General Director Davut Yilmaz's opening speech, a panel called "Priority Defence Systems and Technologies of the Future of Operation Environment" was organized. "STM will transform its consulting experience, know-how, large data analysis and processing abilities, technological infrastructure and human resource power with technology-based predictions with ThinkTech. The forecasts and scenarios to be formed will serve Turkey's future vision in a regional and global sense. With ThinkTech, we will move our defence industry and technology consulting activities to a different dimension. We aim to meet the needs of strategic decision makers in a sustainable way with the aim of Turkey's first technology-focused center of ideas. " Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries (SSM) Dr. İsmail Demir, Retired Ambassador and Former Undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization Sönmez Köksal, Former Chairman of the General Staff Plan Principles Department Retired Lieutenant General Alpaslan Erdoğan and METU International Relations Department Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı attended the panel as a speaker. SSM Undersecretary Demir stated that the human factor will continue to be the main subject despite the developing technology. "The development of military capabilities, defence technologies and strategies for national security are directly linked to technology. When strategic, economic and technological foresight are used together, it is possible to build a defence capacity that can respond to modern needs. In this sense, STM will make an important contribution to Turkey's defence power and country security with ThinkTech. " Retired Ambassador Köksal noted that innovations to change defence and security systems should be read with a system based on mathematical rationality. Retired Lieutenant General Erdogan stated the operations needs for the future should be determined together with science, industry and end-user. Erdogan said, "It is important to meet the needs of urban warfare as well as in the residential neighbourhood. It is important that STM offers technologically-responsive solutions such as Through The Wall Radar (DAR)." ThinkTech will provide feasible, intellectual and practical contributions to Turkey's vision for the future and will develop original solutions through technology-focused analysis with an objective and constructive approach to aviation, energy, transportation, education and health, especially defence-security and engineering technology and will publish reports. STM will cooperate with academics, foundations, universities, high-tech firms, public institutions and decision-makers for predictive and strategic solutions to develop through the ThinkTech brand.

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