Strategic Power to Chinese Tanks

Strategic Power to Chinese Tanks 9 April, 2020

Rapidly increasing its power on land, at sea and in the air, China continues its efforts for the combined use of forces.

It is stated that the Y-20 cargo plane developed by China with domestic facilities is suitable for tank transportation. The platforms, which developed within the scope of the country's strategic transport requirement, can carry two Type 15 light tanks or one Type 99A main battle tank to the desired area. In this way, China has the capability to transport its armoured power within 7,800 kilometres operational diameter with its strategic transport capability.

Type 15, China's new light tank, weighs 30 tons. The combat weight of Type 99As is 58 tons. Two Type 15 or one Type 99A fit in the cargo cabin of the Y-20s, which can carry 60 tons of payload. Thanks to the Y-20s, which is planned of adapting to different tasks, China has achieved strategic transportation and large-scale airborne operation capabilities.

Strategic Power to Chinese Tanks

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