Strike Capability to Hürkuş

Strike Capability to Hürkuş 7 April, 2017

Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI's) 'Hürkuş' gained strike capability. Hürkuş launched the laser-guided anti-tank missile L-UMTAS at the Ministry of National Defence Shooting Test and Evaluation Group Command in Konya-Karapınar. The Minister of National Defence Fikri Işık, Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Salih Zeki Colak, Undersecretary of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir and some foreign attaches along with senior military and civillian officials were present during Hürkuş's performance. ROKETSAN-made missile, which was already integrated onto the ATAK helicopter, has also been used on land and sea platforms, and this was the first time the missile was fired from the fixed-wing platform. With the L-UMTAS being launched from a fixed-wing platform, the use on UAVs has also became a possibility.

According to the statement made by the Undersecreteriat of Defence Industry, this type of Hürkuş plane will have five external load stations and one thousand 500 kg of payload carrying capacity. In SSM's statement, it is also mentioned that Hürkuş is planned to enter inventory in 2018. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, UMTAS launch work on Hürkuş plane was completed on Thursday, March 30th.

Strike Capability to Hürkuş

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