Su-35 Production Starts

Su-35 Production Starts 21 May, 2020

Su-35, one of the most advanced combat jets of Russia, continues to find new users.

The news that Russia, after the first export user China, signed an agreement on the procurement of Su-35 with Egypt in 2019, was in the media. Despite the intense pressure and lobbying applied for Cairo not to acquire these platforms, it has come to the agenda that procurement of platforms has not been cancelled. According to information obtained from TASS News Agency, the production of the Su-35 at the Gagarin Aircraft Facility, located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, started for Egypt. Thus, the Egyptian Air Force will take Su-35s into inventory within the scope of the 2 billion USD agreement, which was brought up in 2018-2019.

Having the fifth generation-based avionics, Su-35 is determined as a 4 ++ fighter jet in Russia. Equipped with advanced components such as the new avionics suite, information control system, radar, plasma ignition engines, and thrust vectoring system, the aircraft also have supercruise capability.

Su-35 Production Starts

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