Su-57 Army Tests in 2019

Su-57 Army Tests in 2019 18 October, 2018

Russia has announced that Su-57 will begin Army tests early next year. According to a report in the Russian press, the 4th Combat Training Centre in Lipetsk will receive two mass-production Su-57s. Russian Army's most trained test pilot and teacher pilots will test aircrafts.


The first tasks to be carried out in the tests will be the testing of aircraft weapons systems and trials of radar stations. Then the weapon tests will be carried out. After the tests are completed, instructor pilots will start their flights. In the light of the data obtained by the test pilots, they will develop tactics to use the aircraft with maximum efficiency. After the completion of the flight of experience, the latest feedback will be given about the aircraft and full capacity mass production will be started.


Su-57 is a fifth generation combat aircraft of Russian Federation, made its first flight in 2010. The platform, which incorporates key features such as AESA radar, reduced radar cross-sectional area, internal weapon stations, super cruise; can reach up to 2 Mach at maximum speed and can perform cruise 1.6 Mach speed. The Su-57, which has a maximum range of about 5500 kilometres, can operate at a radius of 1200 kilometres.

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