Successful MAM-L Trial Over Satellite

Successful MAM-L Trial Over Satellite 17 August, 2018

Laser-guided MAM-L produced by ROKETSAN was on trial on Unmanned Armed Aerial Vehicle (ANKA-S). UAV is designed and developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries. ANKA proved to have a new capability; ANKA-S UAV, which has satellite control capability, used its MAM-L ammunition over satellite. The UAV became able to effectively operate from remote areas like US Reaper UAV.  Presidency for Defence Industry stated, "With this system, we have carried our instant target detection, tracking and destruction capabilities that we have in the ANKA-S with much longer distances with the ANKA-S SİHA. This trial, made with Anka-S over satellite, was the first in our country's technology development work."

Issue 86