Sungur Met with the Public

Sungur Met with the Public 7 September, 2020

Sungur, the Portable Air Defence System produced by Roketsan for low-altitude air defence, appeared for public view for the first time in the ceremonies last week. The system installed in the tower of BMC's Vuran 4X4 Armoured vehicle is designed to be integrated with other land vehicles, air and sea platforms. There is also a version of Sungur that can be fired by a soldier.


Thanks to its electro-optic sight, the system, which sees targets from a very long distance, performs diagnosis and tracking. When the target is within range, it transmits the target information to the missiles. As a result of this transfer, the missile is sent to the target with a pre-shot lock. It will gradually enter the inventory from the end of 2020. The missile has a 5th generation Infrared imager header. It can lock on the target from a range of 8 km. Shooting can be made from the shoulder and from the vehicle. Sungur has moving shooting ability, 360 degree shooting capability, high target hit capability and countermeasure. The missile carries a titanium warhead.

Sungur Met with the Public

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