Super Hornets Tested with StormBreaker

Super Hornets Tested with StormBreaker 17 June, 2020

Smart ammunition offers users the ability to destroy targets, including the worst weather conditions, as well as the moving target engagement capability.

The developments in microelectronics, as well as the guidance technology, paves the way to customize smart ammunition in line with different requirements. The F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet family, the most modern combat jets of the U.S. Navy, began testing with the GBU-53/B StormBreaker. Within the tests, the first guided release was completed. In this context, it is aimed to gain capabilities such as full integration of platforms with the said systems and engagement with moving targets with high precision.

GBU-53 / B StormBreaker, which is also described as a smart tank destroyer, does not have a propulsion system similar to the Turkish Smart Ammunition (MAM) systems. The ammunition released by the aircraft and gliding to its target with its wings. Thanks to the combined multiple guidance systems and target detection algorithms, GBU-53/B can detect moving targets autonomously, without being affected by factors such as dark, severe weather conditions, smoke or dust from the ground. The system, previously called Small Diameter Bomb-II (SDB-II), can be loaded to aircraft in large quantities at once thanks to its compact structure and low weight. GBU-53/B, which reduces the number of platforms required for the operation in this way. The system can engage stationary targets from 110 km, and moving targets from 72 kilometres range. Weighing 93 kilograms, StormBreaker equipped with 48 kilogram warhead.

Super Hornets Tested with StormBreaker

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