Surplus Hornets

Surplus Hornets 14 April, 2020

The F/A-18 A/B Hornets, which brought significant capabilities to the US Navy in the late periods of the Cold War, so that it can attract worldwide customers, are started to phase out.

Civilian advisory aviation companies have been in demand in the last years for the platforms that have become excessive by completing their military duties. The platforms, which are in a flying state or under conditions that can become flying through repair and maintenance, are usually acquired by US-based companies. Air USA, located in Quincy bought the Hornets, which are retired by the Royal Australian Air Force in the past weeks. In the statement, it was determined that a total of 46 platforms, 36 of which are airworthy, procured supplied. The aircraft, which have more advanced capabilities than many platforms in the private military jet market, have AN/APG-65 radar and built-in Elta EL-L / 8222 electronic warfare system. With the AN / AAQ-28 LITENING targeting pod, platforms that can perform ground attack missions, are able to detect and determine targets from a long-range.

Australia had also sold PC-9 training aircraft, which had been retired, to another company last month

Surplus Hornets

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