Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question

Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question 9 August, 2019

Turkish- US struggle on S-400 air defence system/ F-35 aircraft resulted as the US claimed. Despite being one of the partners, Turkey’s contribution program was suspended as a result of a unilateral decision of the United States.  The process brought to mind the question of aircraft to be used instead of the conventional F-35 aircraft in Turkey. Russia's Su-57 and SU-35 aircraft were brought to the discussion table. At this stage, European products might be an alternative to Russian and US aircraft. Defence Industry Presidency remained silent on this issue, while the Ministry of National Defence officials said that the negotiations are not over with F-35.

In addition to these discussions, the future of the F-35B-type STOVL aeroplane posed a question mark. C4Defence was first to write Turkish Navy’s intention to acquire such aircraft. Defence industry sources told C4Defence that there was no change in opinion about the future of Landing Helicopter Deck, TCG Anadolu, which is built by the main contractor Sedef Shipyard, to host F-35B type aircraft, but that the Navy approached the issue differently. According to sources, the TCG Anadolu vessel; is planned to operate F-35Bs within the framework of NATO missions. It will also host the V-22 Osprey for joint NATO operations. On the other hand, the Navy wants to take a step forward at this stage and wish to use the ships with this capability more effectively and express the wish to acquire aircraft.

As an indicator of defence resources thoughts, TCG Anadolu was exhibited at the 11th Ambassadors Conference recently. When the model is carefully examined, the US flag of the aircraft on display is clearly visible.

On the other hand, Turkey's belief that it will supply the F-35B for Navy is commonly supported by sector companies. Sedef Shipyard, which opened a booth at IDEF 2019 held on April 30-May 3, 2019, exhibited the model of TCG Anadolu. It was clearly seen that the F-35 aircraft on the deck of this ship carried the Turkish Flag.

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Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question

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